A few facts about me

My name is Nadia, I’m a 22 year old silly girl and I grew up in the Swiss mountains between Snow and on Cross-Country skis!:)

When I was 19, I released my first cookbook „Eat Better Not Less“- which today is not only the title of my book, but also my lifestyle!

Photography has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was very young and combining cooking and photography simply makes me happy like a little monkey! I think the emotions of food can be captured just as good as people’s emotions and when you take a food-photo in the perfect moment- it’s almost like the food speaks to you, it's amazing!

Maths? Nooot my thing at all haha, especially when letters come into the game! An equation that makes complete sense to me though is: Cooking + Photography = Art!

OR: Good Food + good people= pure pleasure & joy! (As we all know that people who love to eat are always the best people right?!;))


..yap, my weirdness continues


Oh and you can barely ever see me without a smile on my face. (Except when I am- once again- dreaming around in my head and playing „lets-invent-a-new-recipe“ in pink clouds made of cotton candy)

Yes, yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. My apple a day pretty much keeps away anything, the best medicine I swear.

Nadia in a bad mood? Bring me a big, cold, crunchy, juicy and sweet apple and I’ll be the happiest person!

Extra-crunchy homemade granola fresh out of the oven with some creamy homemade hazelnut cacao milk? THE BEST I swear. Like if there would be an Island called „The Granola Island with thousands of Nut-Milks“ I would plan my next trip there immediately. And stay for a year. At least. #yesimagranolaaddict (Oh and p.s. new crunchy granola recipes are available in my new cookbook- „Eat Better Not Less“- Around the World)

I drink a hot chocolate pretty much every night, whether it’s summer or winter. It's made with almond milk, raw cacao powder, coconut blossom sugar, a dash of cinnamon, some cardamom and a hint of vanilla. Well actually I eat the hot chocolate. I mean the foam. I have this amazing foamer that foams the milk to thick & creamy foam. So what I do is: foam, eat the foam, foam again, eat the foam, foam, eat the foam until it’s completely empty and foamed up haha! #pleasetryathome

I always use the same fork and spoon to eat. It has to feel right to hold in my hands to enjoy the food. I know, so weird but I’ve had that quirk for at least ten years.




I always have to walk on the right side. I have no clue where this phobia comes from, but as soon I’m walking on the left side of someone I get nervous and can't concentrate anymore. (Don’t even think of challenging me if you ever meet me haha :P)

Toothpicks and chewing gums? Without exception always in my bag(s)! I could call my bags the „Toothpick-Gum-Selection-Shop“. If you ever happen to buy waaay to many chewing gums please just send them to me LOL, I'll send you one of my cookbooks in return! Deal? DEAL!;)

Once I get home, I quickly snap into comfortable clothes, nothing is more comfortable. (I love fashion BUT, I prefer to buy crockery, food styling props and just food in general.

But I am addicted to jackets and finger rings.  I think I have more than 60 jackets, blazers, coats etc. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And you can pimp up every outfit with a cool jacket. (And punch everyone with your rings if anyone should come too close to you haha :P)

My perfect start to the day? Waking up by the beach, an intense early morning workout, a dip in the ocean, a cold shower, putting on comfy clothes and having big cup of coffee with extra milk-foam & a good, filling & fresh breakfast outside with some ocean breeze flowing through my hair to dry them so that I don’t have to? Ohhh yeeah sounds good to meheee. (I grew up in the mountains, but the ocean is just magical to me. Dear Switzerland, please move your butt a few thousand kilometers to the south right to the coast, thank you.) 


can't stop, won't stop

Before going to sleep, I always wash my feet put on some perfume. Please try it, it’s the best!

I can't drink slowly. Like I CANNOT. If a glass is full then I just empty it. Whether it’s only a small glass or a whole liter- I’ll drink it. (Don’t get me wrong, this only counts fro water! (((and wine sometimes hahaha))))

I love to travel and meet people, discover new cultures, try new dishes. I actually travel to eat. Hmm, maybe I also live to eat? Probably! When I don’t know where to go on my next trip I simply have to find out where they cook the best food in the world and off I go!

I love languages! I speak Swiss German, German, English, Romansh, Italian, Spanish & understand French better than I can speak it. Oh, and I can count to 10 in Thai (nüüng, som, sang, see, haa, hok, jeet, baat, gau, sip (grammatically completely bullshit but that’s at least how you pronounce it :P)

I always talk to myself in English it just feels more naturally to me. Why? Maybe because all I watched since I was 10 years old was Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel & co. They were basically my English teachers. And the more you hear a language, the better! Plus, it’s not boring like school and actually fun to watch! (P.S: Ellen I love you, if you would ever have me on your show, I’ll cook the biggest feast for you. Every single day.  And my life wold be complete, period.)

The best recipe ideas come to my mind when I’m running outside in the nature. I think in colors and pictures and being surrounded by the beauty & colors of nature makes me think of new recipes & creations immediately.


okay, I'm finally coming to and end!

I always write too much. But sometimes I just can’t stop. (To my defense, in my head I write a lot more, just writing "too much" is a lot less than what I actually write in my head. Get it? Good!:D)

LAST ONE I promise. The most important thing for me is to make people happy with what I do! There’s no better feeling than putting a smile on other’s people’s faces and bring them joy. It’s worth more than anything else!

All right, I’ll stop for now. I hope this gives you a bit of an insight in what a goof I am. Stay true to yourself fellas, embrace your weirdness and give a 120% for what you love and put all your passion & heart into it, it’ll be worth it at the end!:)

Un abrazo, xx Nadia