This collection will give you access to seven different Lightroom presets that I especially designed to edit FOOD photos and that I personally use on a daily basis. No matter what color the food has, there is at least one preset that will give your food photos a beautiful, soft, yet characteristic look.

With your purchase, you will also get an over 70 pages long "AROUND THE WORLD- PRESET & PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE",  where you will not only find everything about my photography -such as when & how I take my pictures, what I generally find important to consider, what equipment I use, my recommendations to you and so on- but also a more detailed description for each preset and on what kind of photos to use it for to get the most out of them.

Don't worry about the Installation process either, it's described step by step on the last few pages of the preset & photography guide that will get with your purchase and it's super easy!:)

Please remember that each preset works differently on every photo as your photos were not taken on the same day, in the same light etc. as mine. You will most likely have to make slight adjustments with the basics like turning up the brightness a bit, turning down the contrast and so on depending on the light, surroundings, daytime etc. when the shot was taken. 

My presets are designed to use on the Lightroom CC desktop version but also available to use on te Lightroom Mobile App (which is free of charge). Please consider though, that they are especially designed for RAW photos, which gives you more options to adjust your photos then when using JPG photos.

 I can't wait to see how my presets look on your photos and how much magic they can create when your and my creativity merge together!:)

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me and simply send me an e-mail to I'm always happy to help.

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