Eat better not less - around the world

a travel-cookbook that takes you all around the world with all your senses . a culinary delight & true experience!

The only twenty-two year old Nadia Damaso goes on a culinary journey all around the world in her second cookbook, with atmospheric photos, short stories and personal experiences from her travels.  No matter where you are, food connects, brings people together and is all the more fun if you can share it. Enriched by inspirations from the kitchens around the globe, she proves how delicious and varied healthy food can be - her newly created recipes are all in line with her motto "Eat Better Not Less" of course. A book full of colors, flavors and spices, so intense and true to life, that one almost smells and tastes them when looking at the pictures.



Around the World

What you will find in the travel-cookbook:

Over 100 new recipes & pictures on over 320 pages; created, written & photographed by Nadia Damaso

A culinary journey all around the world for all of your senses. Travel-pictures, stories & recipe-inspirations from over 12 different countries taking you from:

Brasil, Peru, Guatemala, Puerto Rico
to India, Israel & Morocco, to
Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand, 
and Nadia's home- beautiful Switzerland

Healthy yet super delicious! All recipes are completely free from refined sugar, over 95 % are plant-based (vegan option always possible), all of the recipes are lactose free & the gluten free option is always indicated

Spotify playlists for each country to dive into the different worlds in no time

Eat Better Not Less- A lifestyle not just a diet

The concept of the travel-cookbook

Kitchen machines/ kitchen utensils & Nadia's kitchen cupboard

Tips & tricks to a healthy lifestyle ..and a lot more!