Is there anything better than to be able to cook in an amazing kitchen with amazing kitchen appliances? Not for a cookbook author like me haha!;) I'm very happy to have FRANKE Kitchen as a partner on my side. All of the recipes in my second book are cooked, poached, braised, boiled, grilled and baked exclusively in & on FRANKE products, which made the whole process for me so much more fun & super enjoyable! Get ready for many amazing projects in the future between FRANKE Kitchen Systems & me!


 What both FRANKE Kitchen and I have in common- as their slogan says- we want to "Make it Wonderful!" In my point of view, you can cook anywhere in the World as long as you have good & fresh produce at hand, the right people and a good atmosphere filled with lots of passion for the joy of food around you. It doesn't always need a fully equipped kitchen & all sorts of kitchen machines. BUT- cooking in a kitchen with amazing appliances is amazing! Once you get the feeling of how your oven works to bake various things to perfection, how to handle your stove to cook or stir fry dishes in the best way you can possibly imagine- or even- how washing your dishes in a stylish yet super practical sink makes the difference- you don't really want to miss out on it if you have the choice. If YOU yourself are also a happy owner of FRANKE Kitchen appliances- I bet you know exactly what I mean!;)

What both FRANKE Kitchen and I have in common- we want to
”Make it Wonderful!”

I feel very privileged to work with a world-wide-known & well respected brand like FRANKE! I can't wait to show you all more and give your more insights on our future projects together. There's so much more to come very soon, I can assure you that, so you better stay tuned! To check out some of our past projects, make sure to check out the links below.



«Jeder Tag ist ein bisschen THINK NEXT...» 

“THINK NEXT by Franke” ist ein Summit, an dem weltweit bekannte Experten aus den Bereichen Design, Food, Architektur, Nachhaltigkeit und Technologie gemeinsam in die Zukunft schauen. Hinter «THINK NEXT by Franke» steckt aber eine Reise, auf der sich sowohl FRANKE als auch Nadia Damaso befinden. Und diese Reise heisst “Make It Wonderful”.

Ich durfte dieses Jahr dabei sein und habe unter anderem in einer FRANKE Showküche Live kochen und meine Leidenschaft mit den Menschen teilen dürfen. Wie der Tag für mich war & was für mich "THINK NEXT" bedeutet erfährt ihr im Video.






Avocado pizzas with maple & dukkah roasted chickpeas

I like trying out new things and, like everyone else, I love eating! Honestly, good food makes you happy, pure and simple.

Nadia Damaso shows her very own interpretation of pizza with a twist in a FRANKE Kitchen in Italy (video from May 2016)





Cashew cream with chocolate sauce, nuts & blueberries

"A recipe has no soul, you as the cook must bring soul to the recipe."

Nadia Damaso shows one of her healthy yet super delicious recipes in a FRANKE Kitchen in Italy (from May 2016)




for more recipes check out the official YouTube channel of FRANKE Kitchen systems HERE!