I'm so happy to announce to be the brand ambassador for Novis! Great quality & long-lasting products, a great design, Swiss made & amazing results. A partnership that I can stand behind at 150%!


A question I get asked a lot is- what kind of blender I use in my kitchen & for all the recipes in my book since most of them require a good blender, that is also fundamental & key to get great result. The blender should be powerful enough to grind nuts into a creamy nut butter, crush ice and finely blend other frozen ingredients like fruit & vegetables sufficiently enough to get a smooth & creamy result. Believe me when I say that I've tried MANY different blenders; but now I found one that I wouldn't exchange for a thing anymore!

The Novis ProBlender 880L is my absolute favorite. I honestly cannot imagine life without it anymore haha!

This blender not only meets all requirements listed above but also looks great! It’s more expensive than others but- as quality always comes before quantity- it’ll last forever & you'll only have to invest in it once. The Novis ProBlender 880L is available with three different sized containers that you can use optionally, depending on the quantities of purees, shakes or smoothies that are to be processed. Check out the videos below to see the blender in action- have fun, enjoy & hopefully also get blending with a Novis ProBlender very soon!



Nadia Damaso’s perfect banana ice cream with the Novis Pro Blender

If you're looking for a delicious but healthy dessert recipe you can create quickly and easily in your Novis ProBlender, look no further. Join Nadia Damaso as she shares her tasty recipe for Banana Ice Cream. With all natural ingredients, no added sugar, and ready in minutes thanks to the ProBlender, it's a guaranteed healthy treat for all the family.





Award-winning Novis On-The-Go featuring Nadia Damaso

The award-winning Novis On-The-Go blender bottle turns the ProBlender into a personal blender Sleek, stylish, safe and perfectly designed to fit your busy lifestyle, the latest Novis accessory will make sure you stay healthy, even on the go. When every second counts in your day the new Novis On-the-Go blender bottle is a practical addition to your Novis ProBlender.





Novis Cool White Edition

With the Cool White Edition of the Novis ProBlender, Nadia Damaso creates colourful recipes. At Novis, #WeLoveVitamins and have dedicated the new Cool White Edition of the award-winning ProBlender to Swiss cookbook author, food artist and blogger Nadia Damaso. The colour reflects the purity and freshness of the ingredients she uses and the recipes she creates.




for more information check out the official website of Novis HERE!