I personally love to collaborate with brands (and only do collaborate with brands), that represent who I am, match my style & way of thinking & have super similar values. With everything I do- I always want to be able to stand behind it at 150%. To be able to create some magic and amazing projects together is only possible if the relationship between two companies is also working if the energy between everybody involved is good. I would therefore call my partnerships  "friendships with business involved" rather than just partnerships. And as it is with friendships, you do not only want them to last for a couple of years, you want them to last for a lifetime. In the business world a "lifestime" simply means "for a long time" haha!;)

With everything I do- I always want to be able to stand behind it at 150%.

To get more insights of the projects I did so far- simply click on the pictures below to find out more. Enjoy!:)

NOVIS & KitchenAid

A good & powerful blender & good kitchen machines are  super important to me! With my Novis ProBlender I’m happier than a little monkey ever could be!


FRANKE Kitchen


Since I started using the FRANKE Kitchen oven, stove & sink- I get excited every morning to get up and cook, create & enjoy delicious food!




TAG Heuer

My TAG Heuer watch- always with me, wherever I go. To make sure I never crack under pressure! #dontcrackunderpressure


FOOBY & Pro Montagna

On a culinary journey close to my hometown to see where & how local ingredients are produced. PLUS- there's plenty of new recipes on FOOBY- check them out!




Interested in a partnership?

Don't hesitate to get in touch and possibly enjoy a powerful longterm partnership with the young, talented & successful cookbook-author & food-artist from Switzerland. We are excited to get to know you and discussing any further options in a personal meeting!

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