FINALLY my very first Preset-Collection is here! I have such a huge passion for the art of photography, creating & editing, giving all of my photos a special look and giving them „my signature“. My collection of Lightroom presets is exclusively put together for you to give you access to the presets I used to edit all of the photos in my new travel-cookbook „Eat Better Not Less- Around the World“. If you own the German hard-copy or the English ebook, you most likely noticed a specific look & feel of my photos and how they all have this similar, pastel-like, creamy, smooth, soft & faded touch.

And because my new book isn't simply a cookbook but a real travel- & experience cookbook filled with photos of all kinds apart from the food photos, I created the following collections: A FOOD COLLECTION, a PEOPLE COLLECTION and a TRAVEL COLLECTION. Each collection comes with 7 individual presets (which are filters basically). Depending on what kind of photos you want to use my presets for, you can either get them individually or get the full 'Around the World' collection with access to all three collections. You also have the option to choose from whether you want to get them for the Lightroom CC desktop version OR the Lightroom mobile app (which is free of charge).

No matter what you eventually decide to get, each purchase comes with a full on and over 70-pages long PHOTOGRAPHY GUIDE (read more below) with an included INSTALLATION GUIDE for the presets. Also included in the guide you'll find a before & after and a more detailed description of each individual preset. This will hopefully help you to understand and see how they could possibly look on your photos and to show you how much magic you can easily add to your photos with a few clicks only.

I hope everything will be perfectly clear after reading the whole guide as I really tried to answer every questions that I could possibly think of. And after that, I guess nothing stands in your way to "dream & fade away" into the visual world of "Eat Better Not Less- Around the World"- I'm awaiting you with wide open arms!:)

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WHAT CHARACTERIZES MY photos and presets?

As mentioned above, my presets all have this pastel-like, creamy, smooth, soft & faded touch. So don’t expect my presets to turn your photos into super bright, high in contrast & saturated pictures as this wouldn’t represent my style & mood. But I guess you probably didn’t expect that anyways because you came here and got my presets to give your pictures the same look as I have on my pictures right?:)

You will most likely have to make slight adjustments with the basics though - like turning up the brightness a bit, turning down the contrast and so on depending on the light, surroundings, daytime etc. when the shot was taken. Because obviously, your photos and mine where not taken on the same day, in the same light and so on. But there's no right & wrong how or rule what kind of photos you can or cannot use my presets for. The only rule there is, is for you to be happy with the result! But I’m 100% sure, that you will find a handful of presets from my collection that fit your style & mood the most. While creating the presets and testing them on hundreds of my photos, I also realized that in many cases, a preset from the food collection works wonders and looks beautiful on on a people or travel photo or vice versa. So if you want to have full access to all presets and test them on various kinds of photos, I highly recommend you to get the whole set that includes all three collections. 


To give you an insight of how before & afters of presets look and to learn more about them, simply click on the buttons below. I gave each individual preset a name that indicates what I personally use it for. So for example, the preset „F_GREENSS“ stands for F= Food and GREENS= Green (ingredients like salad, cucumber, avocado and whatever green-colored food there is). The preset P_MYSTIC stands for P= People and MYSTIC= a mystic look that is kind of faded & dreamy and that I especially like to use for my people-photography photos. Enjoy clicking through the before & afters!


The most important thing to me, no matter if I shoot food, people or nature, is to capture emotions! It’s the things you don’t see but the things you feel.



The photography guide comes with whatever collection or set of collections you decide to get. You will not only get an overview of what equipment I use to shoot my photos -whether it be for, people or travel photos- but you will also get a good understanding of how, when & where I take my photos as well as tips & tricks to finding your own style and recommendations if you're new to photography or already into it quite a bit. See below an overview of what's included in the 70 pages Photohraphy & Presets Guide.




q & a, installation and futher questions

In the PDF you will get sent per mail after your purchase, everything is described thoroughly so that it all hopefully makes sense and so that all questions that I could think of are answered. If you're new to Lightroom, presets and photography in general- click on the Q & A button below to get an idea what Lightroom presets exactly are and how to use them on your own photos.

And if some of your questions still remain unanswered, please don't hesitate to contact me and send me an e-mail to, I'm always happy to help! 



All being said, I hope you're excitet to dive into the visual world of Eat Better Not Less- Around the World.
I wish you lots and lots of joy, have fun!

xx Nadia